The time machine is a gadget historically sought after by human beings. You enter it, hit a button and appear in another era.

Seville has enjoyed it for eight centuries, only its people, with millenary DNA, do not boast of it. As if not to describe that extraordinary experience of being at the foot of 2015, the year of the completion of the so-called Seville Tower or Torre Pelli, in honour of its architect, the highest architectural height in Andalusia, and gliding through the still waters of the Guadalquivir river (the al-wadi al-kabir of the Arabs) until 1220, the year of construction of the Torre del Oro, one of the icons of the city. This journey along the river, the zipper that joins and separates the most famous district, Triana, from the urban centre, allows the tourist to admire a part of the most authentic Seville.

There is nothing to contemplate the settings of what was once the Port of the Indies, the nerve centre of trade with the lands discovered by Christopher Columbus and the rest of the conquistadors; solace yourself with the beautiful bridge of Isabel II (called by the Sevillian of Triana), which joins what the waters divide; recreate yourself with the beauty of the famous Betis street or contemplate the Paseo Colón in one of whose margins the Plaza de Toros emerges brave and haughty; discover where to eat splendidly in the restaurants on its banks or have a drink in one of the clubs that escort the river; feel the city’s blood flowing through its main artery.

A luxury within the reach of a few.

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    La máquina del tiempo es un artilugio históricamente ambicionado por el ser humano. Entras en ella, le das a un botón y apareces en otra época.Sevilla la disfruta desde hace ocho siglos, sólo que su gente, con ADN milenario, no presume de ello.
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